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Why private school?

No two private schools are the same, just as no two public schools the same.  There are so many studies whether private or public schools are better that almost anybody can find one that supports their opinion.

However, there are certain things common for most private schools that everybody agrees on.

Private schools tend to have smaller class sizes, and smaller student to teacher ratio. Therefore, students are able to get the attention they need. The classrooms are more relaxed, students get to work freely with some assistance from teachers, allowing them to learn how to solve problems and work at a more individualized pace while still achieving academic goals. These schools are independently funded, responsible for their own budget, and therefore, able to fund more extracurricular activities/programs, attract better teachers, and develop a more advanced curriculum. In many private schools, students stay with the same teacher for a couple of years, which helps the teacher to know their students better and aids in addressing their individual needs much better.

As parents who care for the education and the future of our children, we cannot be blind to the reality that education is not at the top of state of Idaho priorities. In fact, Idaho was ranked 38th among the states in 2009-2010 (latest statistic available) for percent of federal and state expenses dedicated to school. This number when translated in absolute values gets even worse leading to a 47th position for dollars spent per student enrolled (fall enrollment 2010-2011).

Source and detailed data is reported in the following table.

  State & Local Govt. Expenditures for All Education as % of Direct General Expenditures, All Functions, 2009–2010 Current Expenditures for Public k–12 Schools per Student in Fall Enrollment, 2010–2011 (Revised)
Idaho 31.9 $8,101
Ranking/range 38/51* 47/51*
Average US 33.9 $10,669


Data is collected by the National Education Association (NEA):

Download the NEA Rankings And Estimates - 2013.pdf

Inevitably, this situation reflects in the future performance and chances of success of our children. This situation is sadly depicted in the ranking conducted by Education Week where the state of Idaho achieve an overall C- and is ranked 49th in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

As parents, we can reverse this situation placing our child's education as a high priority in our family budget and choosing a private school such as the Snake River Montessori School.

This may reveal itself as a wise economical choice later in life, when our child's performance track record gives access to scholarships and a wide choice of colleges.

 *51 state values listed are obtained from the 50 states and the District of Columbia.


1/24: Parent Education night
7 p.m.

1/31: UE Science Fair 6:30pm-8:00pm


Board Meeting 7 pm

Mardi Gras! 6 pm Shilo Inn

2/14: Spirit Day 'Formal Wear"

2/19: Presidents Day No School No Extended Day

2/20: Pre/K Presidents Day Parade 8:45 am

2/23: Staff Work Day - No School

2/27: Registration for 2018-2019 school year


3/1 & 3/2:
Registration for 2018-2019 school year

3/1: Noon Dismissal - Parent/Teacher Conferences

3/2: Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School

3/7: Spirit Day " Favorite Book Charachter Day"

3/7: Board Meeting 7 pm

3/14: Student led Open House 6 pm

3/19-3/23: Spring Break - No School
Extended Day only 3/19 & 3/20


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